The Pamphleteer


While most pamphleteers spread their message loudly on street corners – Sloan Young spreads hers silently and anonymously. Breezing in and out of cafes, hospitals and office buildings to refill the stacks of her brightly colored pamphlets – one would think she was anything but passionate. But having hand-drawn each graphic, researched each snippet of information on Veganism and self-tested every recipe – we know the truth. We know she is a girl with a deep passion – but without a voice. She is one to bite her tongue rather than speak her mind, even with her closest friends. But Sloan Young is a girl who has no idea the magnitude of her influence on the most unlikely people in her world.

Having grown up on a dairy farm outside of Bakersfield, California and having had her childhood and college paid for by the dairy industry – her choice to now become vegan has not been easy for her family to swallow.

But when she returns home for the birth of her brother’s first child – she is confronted by her past and present circumstances. Forcing her to make a clear, vocal decision about her future and turning her back on her family’s money for good. Having now found her voice, she returns to Los Angeles to pursue her passion and starts learning how to unapologetically tell the world what she believes!

Complimenting Sloan’s journey, THE PAMPHLETEER also has 9 interspersed vignettes, sewn together with only the thread of the pamphlet. It is in these stand-alone segments where we actually see who Sloan has been affecting for so long – without ever knowing it. And the variety of people is massive! One vignette is mostly in Spanish, one is about an elderly woman and her cat, a couple falls in love, another falls out – the vast racial, religious, and generational differences prove that the pamphlet can touch anyone – in any way. Each of these segments was written with a unique style and will be directed, shot, edited and scored using different teams of talented collaborators, allowing for the possibility of simultaneous production and post as well as an opportunity to reach out to an incredible pool of busy talent – without a full feature production schedule.

This coming-of-age story highlights how hard it is to break from familial and societal ties – but how incredibly important it is to make your own way. And speak your own voice. And pursue your own passions.


The Pamphleteer is a film about one girl’s journey